A Conversation with Nestor: Exploring the Vision of Os Moneristas

In this conversation, Nestor Mokhnero, founder of Os Moneristas, discusses the easy setup process of the Kuno fundraiser and his plans to connect the Portuguese and English-speaking Monero communities. Discover his journey, future aspirations, and efforts to promote real-life adoption of Monero.

How has the Kuno process been so far for you? was it easy to set up?

Yes, the process of setting up the fundraiser was pretty easy, easier than I imagined, to be honest, all it took was a brand new Monero wallet and 10 minutes(and the idea of course), I think that Kuno is the best platform there is to fund projects - related or unrelated to Monero.

How did you come up with the idea for Os Moneristas?

The idea of creating Os Moneristas wasn't birthed all of sudden, but is rather a product of several interactions with the people I shared a common interest with: resistance to draconian measures imposed by our governments; originally, the project was about translating content to Portuguese, but I eventually ended up investing the time and energy on both the original content creation and the News report about Monero.

You have been in the Monero community already for quite some time, right?

Yes, I've been interacting with the community for quite a while now, initially I started by distributing xmr to no coiners - that's how I met the homies that fight by my side till this day - (Shoutout to Elias from p2privacy and Pyro from MoneroPropagandaBR)

Amazing! This sounds like a great journey! Do you have an idea on how we can connect the Portuguese speaking Monero community with the English speaking Monero community? I don't speak Portuguese, but I am interested to know what is going on.

Well, the Portuguese Monero community is far smaller and more scattered than the English speaking community(obviously), it is mostly made of ancaps and cypherpunks, but I will try and share some links where I interact the most with the Portuguese speaking side: my homie, who makes cool posts for monero is the biggest telegram group in Brazil is my favorite telegram group but it engages in more off topic and more uhhh.. shit talking?

Yeah I think those are the main places to share a good conversation in the community.

Great resources!

Another thing regarding Monero adoption in Brazil: I talked to a dude on discord, he mentioned he bought a motorcycle and paid a share of it with Monero, worth to mention that Brazil is the country with the second most wallet downloads on Android, this reinforces what I said before: the Portuguese-speaking users are very scattered around.

So you plan on working 4 hours per day on your project in june, right? What are your plans for the future beyond that?

Yes, I am already working 4 hours a day to maintain a regular schedule for the social medias, my plan is to continue working on it and expanding it to other platforms, if it goes well(it already is) I hope to continue on it for months or years to come, my future plans are stimulating real life adoption and Monero run free markets(shoutout to squezze store for selling electronics and Moratori for accepting monero donations on his piracy website)

Amazing! Thank you for your answers!

Thank you Spiro and AnarkioCrypto for the opportunity you guys gave me. Also I would like to thank my homies at p2privacy where I buy and sell Monero with BRL, my homies at Monero Propaganda BR, my homies at Monero Brasil Sem Ban, and the friends I made trash talking CBDCs on twitter; It wouldn't be possible without them.

You can support Nestor through his Kuno fundraiser