A Conversation with Nestor: Exploring the Vision of Os Moneristas

In this conversation, Nestor Mokhnero, founder of Os Moneristas, discusses the easy setup process of the Kuno fundraiser and his plans to connect the Portuguese and English-speaking Monero communities. Discover his journey, future aspirations, and efforts to promote real-life adoption of Monero.

How to start a censorship-resistant fundraiser with Monero

Monero offers a unique way to raise money for your startup, project or charity. Unlike Gofundme or Kickstarter, Monero fundraisers don't require a bank account or ID, can't be deplatformed or seized, don't take high fees, and it's possible to donate fully anonymously.

Representing Monero at the Oslo Freedom Forum: A Report from Taipei

Last year, I had the opportunity to attend the Oslo Freedom Forum in Taipei, Taiwan. As a member of the Monero community I was ironically the only person at the event that paid with Bitcoin.

Monero and the Fediverse, a conversation with silverpill

The future of social media is decentralized. Silverpill explains why he is working on Mitra and why he is into Monero.

Andrés on what makes Monerujo special

Monerujo is a Monero wallet that is truly driven by the community. It is developed by a group of friends. Andrés is one of them.

Monero translator Yiota on building local communities

Yiota is a professional translator from Greece. We talk about her career and how cryptocurrency translators could play a role in building local communities.

Anarkio Crypto on building a circular economy with Monero

The future belongs to digital marketplaces that run on private digital cash. Anarkio explains why he built Bitejo and why he is into Monero.

Serai developer Luke Parker on how he started his career

The Lead Developer of the upcoming decentralized exchange for Monero got into Cryptocurrency development at age 17. We talk about how he got started in the industry.

Should everyone in crypto learn how to code?

It is not enough to buy magic internet money and wait. If you want to make it in life you need to do more than that.

Luke Parker breaks down the Monero burning bug and how we can fix it

A Monero transaction is proof that you received funds. To be sure you are able to spend them, your wallet needs to be fully synced. To make life easier for Monero integrators we should get rid of this issue entirely.