How to buy Monero without ID or a bank account

Monero is a private cryptocurrency that can be used to shop online and send money worldwide. Monero's anonymity, low fees and fast transactions make it a better alternative to credit cards and Paypal. This is an overview of easy ways to buy Monero, that don't require ID or a bank account, and can be used by anyone.

Cash in person, cash by mail, gift cards

You can buy Monero locally with cash, either in person or by mail. Find a trader near you with trusted exchanges such as,, and You can also trade gift cards for Monero, including Amazon, Visa, Google Play and PaySafeCard. These exchanges additionally support money orders, cash deposits and cash at ATMs.

Crypto ATMs and vouchers

KYC-free crypto ATMs and vouchers provide a convenient way to buy crypto. You may need to buy Bitcoin first, then exchange it to Monero via or Check a map of crypto ATMs at or crypto voucher vendors at

Other cryptocurrencies

If you already have a different cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin, you can easily trade it for Monero with an instant exchange:, or


Monero supports CPU mining, which means you can mine it with a regular computer at home. Check /r/MoneroMining for more info.

Jobs and selling products

As well as buying Monero for fiat, you can also earn Monero via jobs or selling products. Offer your skills or products in a Monero marketplace such as, /r/MoneroMarket or, or accept Monero in your business with or

For more information about Monero, check, and